Future Katalalixar National Park

Katalalixar National Reserve is one of the wildest landscapes in all of Chile (and the world). It’s isolation and difficult access in the Chilean fjords has helped preserve its wild character and contributed to it being largely unexplored. Without prior terrestrial scientific research, this landscape is largely unknown; we are working to change that!

At approximately 1.65 million acres, this tropical coastal reserve covers a large array of islands and fjords. Our team is beginning ecological research to obtain baseline biological surveys on the local biodiversity and what we expect to be extraordinary endemism.  In an effort to recategorize and expand protections for this extremely wild and globally unique landscape we will use our research to produce a science-based technical proposal for the creation of a new national park in this wild corner of Chile.

The future Katalalixar National Park will encompass the many canals and fjords surrounding the boundary of the new Tortel Coastal Marine Protected Area, a multiple-use marine protected area approved for creation on February 26th, 2018.  After roughly a decade of work to protect the fjord waters of Caleta Tortel, it is now time to strengthen protections for both the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of the Katalalixar National Reserve.  

The marine habitat of this globally rare archipelago is one of the most pristine of its type and our research will contribute to upgrading the marine protections, preventing industrial salmon aquaculture.  The resulting national park and new marine reserve would exceed 4.5 million acres in size, becoming one of the largest sea-to-summit protected areas in South America.

Photographs by Antofaya Expeditions.