Northwoods Wilderness Act

The Northwoods Wilderness Act campaign is an effort to protect the last remaining wilderness quality roadless areas in the Northwoods of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan as congressionally designated Wilderness.  

Our organization is currently conducting the area's first roadless area inventory and wilderness evaluation in over a decade.  The last recorded inventories were conducted by the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness in 2003 and the United States Forest Service in 2002.  Their study's found over 89,000 acres of wilderness-quality areas in Minnesota and over 64,000 acres of wilderness-quality areas between Wisconsin and Michigan.  The goal of this ambitious effort is to study these wild landscapes in the Northwoods and designate all qualifying wildernesses as such.  With biodiversity conservation as our top priority, our wilderness bill will be clean with no special provisions.

Beyond the designation of new wildernesses, we also plan to study and inventory lands too small to be included in the National Wilderness Preservation System and work with associated agencies to protect these landscapes. Our goal for these areas will be to boost biodiversity conservation throughout each state by increasing the number of acres managed as forever-wild landscapes.